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Hello, I am Tommi Woodhain. You might know me from YouTUBE, under name: Xgam3Rdry. So this is my site, own made, exept for the template. So here are my Battlefield Heroes links & some more interesting stuff.
BF.Heroes: FBClan -
BF.Heroes: FrapsSucks -

How to make orange name & text in Batllefield Heroes?

1. Go to BFH homepage
2. Create a new hero, but wait.
3.A. As a name write this: |ccc--(Name)
(This will make also your name and the text orange)
3.B. Write (name)|ccc--
(To get only text orange, but name as blue/red as is)
3.C. Write:
(to make ONLY your name orange.
4. Click: "Create Hero"
How to make admin like text WITHOUT name shown?

1. In "Create a hero", design your hero, but for a name, write: |ccc
2. Add a random letter/number to it: (ex: |ccc9 )
3. Click: "Create hero"
Notice: letters p, l, a have been used (also numbers 3, 4).